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Our Prayer

The United Methodist Church is built upon the foundation of God's limitless grace, Jesus' ultimate sacrifice, and their unconditional love for all. We pray for God's guidance and strength as we seek to show God's love to the world through the United Methodist Church.

Our unity has always been in our relationships and our commitment to serving the world in the name of Jesus Christ. We pray we can continue to serve the world and live out Jesus' love in our communities, the IGRC, the United Methodist Church, and the world.

Who We Are

IGRC for Unity is a corporation of United Methodist clergy and lay people, primarily in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference, who believe that our United Methodist family needs the diversity of our ideas united under the big-tent of God’s gracious love. We are working to foster conversations, relationships, and actions to build up one another and find a way to stay together in midst of our differences.

Purpose of IGRC for Unity

The Corporation is organized and operated to build relationships and community so that United Methodists can prepare together for our future. We believe God is leading us to be a church that includes absolutely everyone and that allows freedom of thought and conscience as we live our Wesleyan theology together.

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