Build Relationships

We challenge you to have at least 5 face to face conversations, encouraging dialogue and learning from all perspectives.

We believe in the United Methodist Church that allows room at the table for every person and perspective. We are here because Christ opens the door to all. We want to grow in relationship and learn from all around us.


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To learn more about what IGRC for Unity stands for and offers, please read the following info sheet: IGRC for Unity - Info Sheet.

IGRC for Unity

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The yearly fee for individual membership is $25. The yearly fee for church/organization membership is $1 per average weekly attendance (AWA) or no lower than that of a single member ($25/year). Please make checks payable to IGRC for Unity and mail to: 1304 E Empire St. Ste 2., Bloomington, IL 61701.

Membership fee may be paid in cash, check, or electronically (electronic payment not available yet - information to be sent out as soon as electronic payment is available).

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After becoming a member of IGRC for Unity, we ask that you consider what gifts you have to offer. If you feel called, please consider joining a committee to help further our purpose of building relationships and community so that United Methodists can prepare together for our future.

To join a committee, or learn more, click on the following links:

  1. Fundraising Committee:
  2. Legislation Committee:
  3. Recruitment and Resources Committee:
  4. Inter-conference Networking Committee:
  5. Logistics Committee:

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Let's build relationship across our conference – everyone should know we are Christians by our unconditional love.

Keep Your Church Informed

GuideBook for GC2020 is a document produced to give you a framework to talk with your congregation about what is going on in the denomination around General Conference 2020 and our ongoing conversation on human sexuality.

How can we help?

Please use THIS FORM to share your thoughts, ideas, questions, concerns, needs, etc. with us so we can be in collaboration and build community together.